Global Javascript Variable “media” in Chrome 5

Apparently, you can’t use a global Javascript variable named “media” in Chrome 5. In all Chrome version prior to version 5, this was not an issue.

Starting with version 5, the global variable “media” contains an object of type Media. I’m not sure what it’s use is, but I guess it has something to do with the HTML5 video tag.

It’s hard to find out about this issue when you have an existing application that uses the global Javascript variable “media”. When you assign it an object of your own, there is no error. When you want to use your object, your methods just doesn’t seem to exist.

One thought on “Global Javascript Variable “media” in Chrome 5”

  1. Just Figured out the same problem after an hour … I have to change a lot of parameters because of that 🙁 …

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