Create Your First Salesforce App for the Salesforce AppExchange

So I decided to create my first Salesforce app for the Salesforce AppExchange. I have this idea to improve the coordination of communication during long sales trajectories for a few months now, but aside from some research I didn’t really take action on it. While laying in bed yesterday evening, I decided it is time for some action on this idea. I think I can have a first viable version with very limited effort, so I jumped right in today!

Besides the functional information you need to get you idea started, you will need to get your Salesforce Developer Edition account. In order to create this type of account, which is totally free of charge, you need to go to and click on the link “Get a Free Developer Edition” in the “Start Building Today!” section.

Once you have received the activation email, chosen a password and logged in to your Developer Edition Salesforce environment, you will be welcomed by some pointers on how to get started.


Now you’re development environment is ready. Depending on your knowledge of the Salesforce product and the covered process, you will take a different approach once you have your development environment. I have quite some experience delivering big and complex Salesforce projects while working for Accenture, but creating my own application from scratch is new to me. This time, I need to take care of all the aspects; functional design, technical design, development, testing, …


If you want to start with a high level overview of what Salesforce has to offer, you can start on the Salesforce Youtube page. Look at the right in the “More from Salesforce” section to find videos about a specific part of the Salesforce ecosystem. If you want to create your own application, you definitely have to take a look at the “Salesforce Platform” videos.

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